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Special Event
Hardware Megajam


Hardware Megajam had it`s outburst at Sommerøya in 2016. The event is growing and evolving every year and at SØ19 the fourth edition of HWMJ will go down.

So what is it all about?
Synthesizers, drum machines, guitar pedals and even live vocals. The Megajam is a fully improvised live show including about 30 artists from different areas and musical backgrounds. Some fully professional musicians as well as new breeds and gear-heads.


Main Stage, Friday 16th of August at 14:00


Official Afterparty Guide

As we all know; our opening hours are limited, but don't worry, 

There are tons of good events to extend the festival vibe at. 


Friday: Monument: Efraim Kent

Saturday: Translusid: Alpha Tracks


Dattera Til Hagen

Friday: Renée Rief

Saturday: Hålligång: DJ Fett Burger & Espen Haa


Kafé Hærverk

Friday: Otim Alpha & Leo Palayeng / 9Djinn

Saturday: Analog Africa / Kantala Electro Power Trio


Khartoum Contemporary Art Center

Friday: Bendik Baksaas og Kaggwa Noel

Saturday: Kaleo Sansaa / Vuyo / Fadumo



Friday: Tod Louie b2b Dick Dennis

Saturday: Ta Dhom Project ft Shri / Fuzzy Logic / Bowski

Every year we kick off the festival by inviting 2 djs from every club in Oslo for a 2,5 Hours massive B2B session.

It's all about showing off they're mixing skills and expose the variety of the local club scene. 

Sommerøya B2B DJ Marathon last year included 16 Djs!
All DJs are represented from the top clubs in Oslo; 

The Villa, Blå, Elefant, Godthåb, Konrad, Skippergata, 

Karusell +++.

Special Event
B2B DJ-Marathon


In 2017 we decided to start a record label, to expose Scandinavian talents. All artists signed is on this years, or previous years lineup. Vinyl Only!


Previous Releases: 
SØ01, Tracks by:

Bjørn Svin, Skatebård, Fredrik Bekkaasen & Christian Tilt.

SØ02, Wired EP, Tracks by:
Mental Overdrive, Thomas Urv, Per Hammar & Thomas Skjærstad.

Record Label

Sommerøya together with Pils&Plater puts on a yearly DJ-Mix contest for all bedroom DJs. The winner will play a warmup set at the festival.


DJ-Mix Contest

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