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Festival Area


Sommerøya is located at Hundesletta, a part of Ekebergpaken on the hillside of Ekeberg. A beautiful hidden gem with green gras, forrest surroundings and a perfect view of sunset over Oslo.


The festival area got a capacity of 3000 guests.

On site you will find two music stages, art exhibitions, food trucks, bars, the festival market and much much more.


Opening hours
Friday - 16:00 until 23:00
Saturday - 14:00 until 23:00


SØ18_Henrik Fjørtoft Sporsheim_20.jpg

Sommerøya is an open air festival which presents highly topical electronic music & contemporary art. 
The annual event started back in 2010 and has grown to be one of Scandinavia's most relevant in its niche.




Festival tickets



Weekend Pass

Early Bird:  CANCELLED 
Weekend Ticket: 1199,- + fee  CANCELLED
Weekend Ticket
(at door/after 16:00 friday) 1349,- + fee  CANCELLED

Day Pass
Friday Ticket: 699,- + fee  CANCELLED
Friday Ticket (at door/after 16:00 friday) 799,- + fee  CANCELLED

Saturday Ticket: 699,- + fee  CANCELLED
Saturday Ticket (at door/after 16:00 friday) 799,- + fee  CANCELLED



Buy tickets here

Festival Area

Photo: Bilge Öner










By Plane




Public transport




By lack of parking oppertunities we don´t recomend taking the car to the festival area. 

Dropoff / Pickup point:

Kongsveien 23, 0193 Oslo

Nearest airport is Gardemoen (OSL). When arriving at the airport, make sure to get to Oslo S (Oslo Central Station), and se further info on public transport. 




Ekebergparken is just 7 minutes from Oslo S (Oslo Central Station). The best way to get to the festival is by tram. Get on tram  18 or 19 towards Ljabru and get off at Ekebergparken. Follow the signs from tram station to the festival area.

By car | Taxi






Comfort Hotel® Xpress Youngstorget
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The Comfort Hotel Xpress Youngstorget is ideal for hipsters and city slickers. Walking range to Oslo's best clubs and easy access to the tram and the festival. Perfect!

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Phone: +47 22 03 11 00

Møllergata 26, 0179 Oslo , Norway





SØ18_Adam Louli_63.JPG

Our very own Food Cort: Tasty, diverse, and suitable for all tastes and tolerances. There will be an extensive selection of Foodtrucks at Sommerøya. Food with a focus on organic products and artisan techniques from around the world, catered to all sensibilities.

If you are allergic to something, you should know that every stall has to sign the contents of their dishes and be able to account for the ingredients.

All food stalls serve up at least one veggie meal, and many of them are vegan as well.

Age Limit / Kids


Sommerøya is a peaceful and joyful festival.

The age limit is set to 18+, but kids up to 12 years get free entrance with an adult.

Children under 12 years of age have free admittance if accompanied by an adult known to the child with a valid Sommerøya wristband. Kids may be asked for a ID at the door for proof of age.

Kids have to leave the area before 20:00 both days.

Sommerøya 2017

Main Stage

Photo: Adam Louli






Can I bring a companion to Sommerøya? 

If you are disabled and need to bring a companion with you to the festival, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. 

As proof of your needs, you must be able to present documentation on the handicap. If not, please write to

How will my companion gain access? 

- You and your companion must accompany each other when arriving at Sommerøya.

- You must be able to provide documentation for your need for a companion, either in the form of a companion card or approval from


About companions 

- You may bring 1 companion with you to Sommerøya. The companion can be replaced by another during the festival: when your one companion leaves the area, another may come in and take over.

- You and your companion will receive regular wristbands.

- You must use the regular audience entrances.


Practical information  

- There are accessible toilets at Sommerøya festival that are locked so that they can only be used by people with special needs. 

Handicap Service






In 2019 there were over 150 volunteers working at the festival. Volunteers are the backbone and core of the festival. The voluntairs are one of the main reasons the festival last year became the best ever! As a volunteer at Sommerøya, you get a unique experience, a chance to work in the background and be part of what makes the wheel spin.

To volunteer at Sommerøya you must be over 18 years old on the first festival day.

What does it mean to be a volunteer?
What do we expect from you?

We offer a wide range of different volunteer jobs. You don't need to have any festival experience, but . We expect you to show up on time and contribute to the best of your ability until your work session is over. As a reward, we guarantee you an unforgettable experience, great music and new friends.

What kind of jobs can I apply on? 

Here are some tasks you can get as a volunteer:

  • Rigging/Production – up or dismantling of tents, painting signs etc.

  • Security – ensure that everyone is doing well at the festival.

  • Promo Team - As a member of the promo-team your task will be to promote Sommerøya with flyers, stickers etc. during the summer and time before the festival.

  • Bar – tap and sell beer, soda, snacks and other bar merch to our guests. Were also looking for experienced bar managesrs, who ain't scared of taking responsibility and lead the team to new highs.

  • Enviroment - Make sure the park is tidy and free of garbage, that the trash cans are not overflowing and that the waste is properly sorted.

  • Drivers – drive back and forth to festival area with equipment and/or people.

  • Deco - The artists who exhibit at Sommerøya need different help as needed. There may be technical assistance, assembly assistance before and after the festival. Keep, screw, snare, paint, carry, plan, etc. There will be many different exciting and fun work tasks for deco volunteers. We also need volunteers to guard and watch the art during the entire festival during opening hours. 

  • Cooking – help to create good organic food for volunteers and artists.

  • Tickets and accreditation - All pre-purchased tickets are scanned at the entrance, and festival bracelets are put on. If the festival is not sold out, tickets will also be sold. In ticket hatches, it is mostly to do early in the day, so anyone working here must be prepared to be asked to do other tasks throughout the day, when there is no longer any need to be as many in the ticket.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that everybody will get exactly the job they want or the days they want to work, but we will do our very best to make sure that happens.

How much do I work?

It varies a bit how much you work according what period you work. Generally one can say that you work one day and then get one day free admission to the festival. If you work before or after you get the whole weekend for free but need to work 3 days.


Health & Safety


Sommerøya 2017

Your safety matters to us! We want you to feel safe at Sommerøya, so you can have a great time with your friends.

To ensure the safety and well-being of our guests, festival security will make routine checks, including searching for items forbidden at the festival. The security personnel have the option to cut wristband and expel guests.


First Aid

First aid station is located at the entrance.


The police will be present at the festival. 

Lost & Found

Lost property should be handed in at the merchedice tent.

After the festival, unclaimed lost property can be claimed at Grønland police station. 

Drug Policy

We do not want illegal drugs use among our guests and strike hard on violations. 



What NOT to bring to the festival ground:
-Alcohol or drugs.

-Prescription based medicines must have a medical certificate.
-Dog or animals. Except guide dog.
-Bikes, skateboards or like.
-Sharp objects like an umbrella.





Photo and video capturing with a cellphone or small compact camera are allowed at Sommerøya.


- When photographing art at the festival, please add the #hashtags connected to the art piece if published on social media. All artist deserve to be credited.
- Capturing the event is nice, but don't forget to enjoy the moments too.

- Not all people want their image taken, be nice and ask.
- We got lots of photographers that would love to take your image, look for yellow MEDIA accreditation.

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