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Julie is a Bergen based DJ and label manager. She plays atmospheric and organic techno mixed up with heavy and drifting percussion. Her style is trippy and designed to hypnotize the dancefloor. 




Vinyl is her chosen format and what she mainly relies on in her setts. She collects vinyl on her many travels where hours are spent in local records shops, looking for gems. 


The last year she has played at festivals such as PLOINK (NO), Parasonica (ARG) and at EKKO (NO), alongside clubs such as Club Kowloon (HK), MIR(NO), Østre (NO), FLC (NO) and Landmark (NO). She has also participated on different radioshows as Vers Libre (NO), Hong Kong Community Radio (HK) and Fauve Radio (HK). 


Julie holds a monthly residency at Cafe Opera (NO) alongside Rudi Valdersnes entitled Klubb Stormfugel. Julie is cofounder of Ideophone Records which has new releases coming up in 2019! The label focuses on electronic and electroacoustic music for the adventurous clubber and listener. 

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