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Tina Lindvall (Curator)

Tina Lindvall (b.1976, Tromsø). Lindvall is an artist based in Oslo, who also works as a writer and Art curator. Lindvall has a BA in Fine Art from Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art (2011) and her Mater of Fine Arts from the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo (2015). 
Lindvall has participated in numerous group exhibitions, juryed exhibitions and other art projects. She has had Solo exhibitions in Scandinavia, the latest being at Bærum Kunsthall`s Projectroom in Norway earlier this year. Lindvall has taken part in different workshops in Berlin, Hamburg, Skoki, Poland and an artist residency in France. Additionally Tina has initiated, arranged and curated many exhibitions and different art-projects, the majority of which have been in Norway and Danmark. In 2016 she worked as the project leader for the establishment of Galleri BOA`S Projectroom in Oslo and in 2017  was again a project leader for Bærum Kunsthall in Lysaker, Norway.  Lindvall has received grants from Art Council of Norway (2015 and 2016) and in 2017 she received the art award; Bærum Kommunes Kunstpris.

The curator began working for Sommerøya in 2018, where she curated a group-show. The Art-project Tina is curating this year is an idea that has existed in Lindvall's mind for some years. She points out that she is excited and happy to have finally found what she considers a functioning platform for her process-based Art Project to evolve. The concept initially consisted of uniting different artists, utilising different media, to work together as a group and to Remix their Art and ideas. Come join us and take part in our process-based Art Project RetroRemix-Unsentimental Nostalgia, at Sommerøyas 10 years anniversary. 

Hope to see you there!

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