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Attention all BEDROOM DJs! 



Here's your chance to play at

Scandinavias leading electronic festival.

The Prices:
1.    Warmup set at Sommerøya 
(Friday 16th of August)
      5x SØ19 Weekend passes
      1x SØ02 Wired (Vinyl Record)

2.   2x SØ19 Weekend passes   
      1x SØ02 Wired (Vinyl Record)

3.   2x SØ19 Weekend passes




The Steps:
1. Record a mix
2. Upload mix to
3. Fill out form "ENTER CONTEST" under.

The Jury:
All mixes will be judged by representatives of Pils & Plater.

Criteria: Mix style, skills, progression and vibe.

The Deadline:
1st of July, winner will be announced late July.



When uploading on, please include image cover.
Name the mix:
Sommerøya / Pils & Plater DJ Contest 2019 - DJ NAME

Tags: #SØ19 #10yearsofsommeroya #pilsogplater #djmixcontest



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