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Benjamin Carling

Benjamin Carling (b.1982, Oslo). Carling grew up in the "inner city" and is still growing up here, he says. From an early age he was intrigued by the esthetics of graffiti in the streets and in the backgounds of photographs from "urban life". He began to duplicate and imitate what he saw, on to paper. After some years of sketching and following the graffiti world, he finally acumulated some spraypaint and, together with some likeminded friends, he painted his first piece on a wall 1994. From then it has dominated how Carling has been living his life. Carling views graffiti as a game with an aspect of art to it.  Thoug he finds other aspects of the phenomenon, such as quantity and the location where it is executed, to be equally as important. The grafitti artist has been involved in a bunch of commissioned decorating jobs, but the majority of his Pieces has unfortunately been removed by authorities.

 - To me graffiti is very pure. There is no other bennefits than personal pleasure.   

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