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Matilda Bjôrkne

Matilda Björkne (1985, Örahult, Sweden). Her practice range from interactive multisensory installations to dense drawings which fuse on folklore, gaming and popular culture. Her work consist of analogue mediums, tactile materials and digital techniques. She is exploring how different settings, places and participants effect the experience of her work. Bjorkne's projects are often inhabited by different creatures which origin is inspired by mythology, religion and abnormalities. Her intention is to achieve an experience of totality, like you are entering another dimension, a parallel reality, a distorted time zone, a dream. Bjorkne has studied philosophy of the Arts and Sciences, Lund's University, 2012 and has a MFA in Medium and Material Based Art, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, 2015. Her practice is mainly based in Norway, though she`s had solo shows, group exhibitions, performances, artists residencies and workshops all over Scandinavia and Europe. Bjørkne is  presenting The Opening Ceremoni of the Installation RetroRemix at Sommerøya this year.
insta: @matildabjorkne

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