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Rudy Wolff (b.1973, Norway) is a multi artist, an autodidact couturier, stylist, boys’ photographer and she is the founder of #ArtIt - urban artwear, based in Oslo.  She has allready worked creatively on three continents since her runway debut in  2004. Wolff has curated exhibitions and shown her art at i.a. Lynx and Blank Space in Oslo, and hosted a sci-fi inspired installation at Sommerøya in 2016. Being a jack of all trades and master of a few, she also has experimented with street art. The multi-artist will be working with various media, inspired by typical early 1980s colors, retro-futurism, and what she observes during Sommerøya 2019.

This year Wolff brings in one of her artists from #ArtIt, Luanne May (b.1977, London). May is an artist and art teacher based in England and Oslo. Described as a neo-expressionist. May employs fragments of phrases, lyrics, and her own recent experiences. Using i.a. cardboard boxes, spray and newspaper, she comments on her immediate surroundings. Her spontaneous images, remixing materials found onsite, will therefore document fragments from the festival artistically. / IG: @rudy_wolff 

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